Sunday, March 28, 2010

How I felt when I carrying the torch

Dear Readers

It came and it ended so fast. Before I knew it the Paralympics were over. I have to say the highlight of my trip was sitting in the rain waiting till Chris told me I could get on the street because the torch was coming. My heart started beating 100 miles an hour as I drove on to the street. The man carried the torch down the street and touched it to mine. At that moment in my mind there was nothing but me and the flame. As I drove down the street people gave me thumbs up, took pictures and shouted, “Go Canada Go”! There were no words to describe how I felt. I carried Fernie with me that day. I carried Fernie with me because I had a Griz pin on the side of my wheelchair and I wasn’t supposed to. After a block and a half I saw Katie sitting and smiling. Nothing in the world could rip that smile off her face. I ran up and slowly touched my torch to hers. Everyone shouted our names, took more pictures and clapped. And in an instant Kate was off, running down the street. She was still wearing that smile. I could never have been happier. After that a lot of people came up and said, “Way to go Grace”! I didn’t even know half the people that came up to congratulate me. Everyone seemed to know that we carried the torch. Well I guess that’s because I was still wearing my uniform. I drove back socking wet but I didn’t care. Back at the place that we started at they packaged up my torch and handed it to me. I couldn’t believe it was mine. It is now hanging up on my wall for me to look at everyday. A memory of my great adventure.


  1. That gave me shivers Grace! It must have been just the greatest experience ever, and you described it amazingly!

  2. And it brought tears to my eyes!