Saturday, January 30, 2010

Accessibility and sit skies in Fernie

Dear Readers

Accessibility in Fernie? Heck no! A lot of the stores in Fernie are not accessible. Fernie doesn't have the nice biker paths which forces me to walk beside the highway. I was all most hit once. At the ski hill they do have a sit ski but it's old and they can't put it on the chair lift. I wish we had a sit ski like the one in Kimberly. Fernie won't get a new one because there are only 2 disabled kids in Fernie including me. But thats no excuse is it? If we had a sit ski I would probably be up there all day! When my school used to go for skiing lessons I would have to stay home which made me feel terrible. Oh Kimberly next time I'm there I promise I'll go skiing.

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  1. That's not very good. I know they could definitely do some work here too, to make things more accessible to everyone. Maybe that will be the next big project after the Games?