Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dear Readers:

Today is another boring Saturday. None of my friends can come over. I don't get why people see my wheelchair and not the person that is sitting in it. I've all ways had problems with making friends because I'm in a wheelchair. I don't get why people have to treat me as if I was mentally and physically disabled. I'm not mentally disable I'm physically disabled. I have a very hard time in school as well. My teachers treated me as if I was a baby. I hate that. But I'm doing better because now I'm being home schooled. So today I'm probably going to sit at my laptop and eat chips all day. I can't go outside either. I live where there is snow all the time. And people here don't think to shovel the side walks! So I hope you all are having a great Saturday!


  1. That's really sad to read how people judge your wheelchair and not you. I think it's great that you have this blog to speak out. Keep it up!

  2. thank you but i just realized that i'm supposed to write about the olmypics not about my feelings and stuff i did today

  3. i luv u my pretty grace no matter how:0, i hope to see u again in the futute n we can play UNO:)