Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday and glasses

Dear Readers

Yet again I had another brain fart. I thought I lost my glasses. So I went crazy trying to look for them. I tore my room apart. And then I look over at my desk and they were sitting there! Today I have a teleconference with SET BC and Katie Gibbs. My family has something against fruit today. We don't have any. But my father said he would go get some. Fruit is like an essential breakfast item. I have a vegetable craving so this morning I ate peppers for breakfast. Yesterday I think I ate to much chocolate! Because I got hyper and I ran around my room for an hour. I finally practiced my piano last night. And I watched Josh play wii fit. Well school time!

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  1. Hi Grace! My name is Valerie and I am the mommy of a little boy with arthrogryposis. His name is Evan and he is 5. He too, is in a wheelchair all day. It has been wonderful to read your blog posts and to better understand life from your perspective. Learning from others who are growing up with arthrogryposis helps me to be a better mom to Evan (and helps Evan to feel like he is not alone), so keep up the good work girlie!

    PS- I totally get you on the math. Math has NEVER been my forte either!