Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday and Vancouver

Dear Readers

On Monday we are going to Vancouver for our last studentslive meeting. I'm excited because I get my press pass on this visit. And Kate is going to be with me which will make me less anxious. I had to make a video for studentslive to get chosen. I had to redo my video over and over again because I couldn't get it right. I chose sledge hockey because it was very interesting. I learned that sledge hockey was created in a rehabilitation center in Sweden. I had to make a sledge hockey presentation. I think the best part of carrying the olympic torch is that i get to carry it with Kate. Please remember to sign up for


  1. Interesting posting! Keep up the good work!Can you post the ppt on sledge hockey too?
    Kathy SETBC

  2. I think you forgot to make a link to the VVV story about you and Kate being Paralympic reporters. Can you do that?